Stand Mixer Reviews of Kitchenaid, Cuisinart and Viking - Which Company Is the most effective?

by Mari K Chan

If you are aiming to buy a stand mixer to complement your kitchen toolbox you must consider durability, warranty and also features in order to receive the most effective value for your funds.

A sturdy mixer is one with usually steel components and also just really few plastic components. Many of the recipes where you will certainly require a mixer will certainly demand the mixer to work for an long time period. Plastic parts might deform as well as also failure when the mixer is accumulates warmth-- and also it will collect warmth when you use it for a fairly a while. Metal components as well as housing on the additional hand, is really sturdy to heat energy, it will not deform nor breakdown.

A manageable kind is one which you could utilize for a comprehensive assortment of combinationing and mixing chores, not merely manipulating dough. This is where rate configurations and also modifiable whisks involve consideration. Some mixers may also deliver attachments which permits you to utilize your mixer as a mixer, meat processor chip and pasta maker merely to name a couple of.

In this evaluation, we will certainly look at 3 business heavyweights on stand mixer. Kitchenaid, Cuisinart and the Viking company have actually been around for a rather a while and are fairly dominant in the market.


Kitchenaid has the widest following amongst the stand mixers, and also for really good cause. This stand mixer is found in a great deal of kitchens, your granny quite possibly had Kitchenaid-- it was most likely passed to your mom, which will be relayed to you. This brand of mixer is remarkably resilient and also has lasted the examination of time. Kitchenaid is one of the finest, yet its claim to the top spot is somewhat objected to.


Not to be outclassed by Kitchenaid, Cuisinart is additionally one of the heavyweights in the stand mixer field. It has lots of models to select from. If you require significant power, it has a model which loads a highly effective 800 watts. Cuisinart's durability is its use of modern technology. It has a lots of benefit characteristics which makes your kitchen duties a lot much simpler and a lot more effective. For instance, it has a countdown timer which automobile turns off when the timer has finished.


The Viking brand equals its reputation. It's difficult, rugged as well as really heavy duty. Viking did not hide the sturdiness of their stand mixers within, they gasconaded it. Just examining the outside of the Viking stand mixer, you can easily actually love that it is built rock strong. It has a 1000 watt motor that beat any kind of tough money to submission.

Which stand mixer is the most effective

This is a challenging concern without an uncomplicated response. If cash is not a issue, have a Viking. The Viking is the most highly effective of the all 3, it is additionally possibly the most strong-- not the most flexible though. The Viking label is for qualified cook and the really severe home chef that do not require their mixer to increase as a blender or pasta producer. If you have to supply a tiny country on a daily basis by manipulating 6 loaves of bread, the Viking is for you, it is built to survive dining establishment quality punishment.

If you don't wish to devote a fortune on the Viking but still would like a tough stand mixer, at that point Kitchen is plainly the victor, it is middle of the road in between Cuisinart as well as the Viking.

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