St Emilion Wine Country Facts And Tips

by Nichole Cunningham

St Emilion wine is a quality beverage for enthusiasts, gourmet diners and beginning collectors all over the world. Originating in the area northeast of the Bordeaux area of France, these quality vintages are an asset to any collection and a pleasure to serve for any special occasion. The town of St. Emilion is the focal point with many wineries that surround it.

These French wines were not classified as other fine wines in the area were in 1855. Some say this was due to envious competitors but the products were then classified in 1955 and have been updated approximately every decade since. The main classifications are the premier grand cru classe' A, the premier grande cru classe' B, and Grand Cru classe'.

The area boasts many top wineries, some of which have been in the same family for generations. Pavie, Ausone, Cheval Blanc and La Mondette are just a few of the most well known. If given the opportunity, be sure to taste all the wines of each winery to get a feel for the different and unique flavors. Visitors should also make a point to visit the town where wine shops and high-end restaurants abound, all of which offer, sell or serve the area's finest in beverages.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to France and the many wine regions, be sure to embark on tours in this area. It will open your eyes to what it takes to produce fine vintages. Time, diligence, knowledge and the right weather conditions are critical to the health and stability of mostly merlot and cabernet franc grapes to help produce superior products.

Popular wineries include the Chateaus of Pavie, Ausone, Coutet, Cheval Blanc and La Mondette. Don't forget to visit the sights in the city of St. Emilion itself which features wine shops, upscale restaurants which pour local wines, and other memorable sites. Citizens are very proud to show off their city and surrounding areas and all they have to offer.

Merlots and cabernets have been found to be a very healthy addition to any diet. An ingredient, resveratrol, contributes to heart health and longevity. The benefits of drinking one or two glasses every day may help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce breast cancer risks, and protect against heart damage. Studies are still in progress but it is obvious that drinking red varieties has definite health benefits if not consumed in excess.

St. Emilion products make wonderful gifts for anniversaries, weddings, showers and other special occasions. They are delightful beverages for a rehearsal dinner or special family gathering. They will add a unique touch to gift baskets filled with assorted fruits, breads and cheeses. The bottles and labels themselves have an old world quality to them which will add to the visual appeal of your collection.

The next time you shop for that perfect beverage, try the St. Emilion wine of elegant reds. The flavors will go well with your buffet or served dinner items and the wines can also be poured as a pre-meal drink with an elegant array of appetizers. Friends and family will be impressed with the quality of your wine cellar and your knowledge of the fine European area the wines originated from.

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