Spicy Pepper Relish Can Turn Any Meal Into An Exciting Experience

by Grace Rivera

Adding spice to ones life is achievable in more ways than one and many will agree that spicy pepper relish is a perfect way to do so. Although most people choose to purchase these ready made products from their local supermarket, there are those that make their own. A quick search of the web yields numerous delicious recipes.

It will seem that when one reads through these recipes that there is no hard or fast rule as to what type of peppers one should use. In fact most like to encourage one to experiment and combine numerous different types of chilies and peppers. One specific recipe simply requires a person to throw all of the raw peppers into a blender and add ingredients such as salt, garlic, sugar and vinegar.

But one does notice that vinegar stands out as a standard ingredient that is added to these different relishes. Mostly they include wine vinegar which acts as a pickling agent. Besides pickling the vinegar also has natural capabilities to preserve the mixture, this means that these home made relishes can be kept for weeks on end in ones refrigerator.

Home made relishes give the person the ability to make it as potently hot or mild as per their own specific tastes. One particular recipe points out the fact that making relishes is the best solution for those that often find they have a large variety of chili peppers in their home that they are not using up in time. So basically what this means is that these relishes can use up all those peppers that are already starting to shrivel without affecting the flavor and there is no need for freshly bought ones.

Another ingredient that most of these recipes also use is sugar. The main reasoning behind adding this ingredient is that the sugar counteracts the acidity found in the peppers and also lessens the "heat" emitted by the chilies. Garlic is of course a must to add to most spiced sauces and compliments the chili flavors perfectly.

One other unique recipe involves a lot of chopping and then placing the mixture over a slow low heat for a few hours. Admittedly this is no fast process however it is worth every minute spent making the mixture. But one has to point out the fact that this recipe does make a years supply of relish.

So when one considers that this cooked recipe only needs to be done once a year it suddenly does not seem that big of a deal. What makes this recipe stand out is the fact that it does not only comprise chilies and peppers mixed with the normal garlic, sugar, salt and vinegar. It instead also adds numerous and varying vegetables and several yummy spices such as basil, oregano etc.

Spicy Pepper Relish is at the end of the day one of the best condiments that can be added to ones food. Forget plain old tomato sauce or mustard, this is certainly a step in the right direction. For the full recipes mentioned in this article one can go online.

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