Spicy Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

by Alison Wilcox

Many people love hot wings, whether it's as a snack or a full meal. If you think they're better the hotter they are, then you are sure to love ghost pepper wing sauce. This blazing coating for wings is sure to satisfy anyone who loves heat with their food.

Prepared sauces are available from many different makers, so a good place to start if you want to experience them is to check online or in your local specialty food store to see what brands are available. Some restaurants also offer wings coated in ghost pepper sauce, so you can get a taste before you decide if you want to prepare your own batch. Either way, it is easy to find out just how hot you really like your wings.

If eating someone else's sauce just isn't satisfying enough for you, you can always try making your own. It will have that personal touch that you and your friends are sure to love. There is only a bit of preparation required before you begin, and you can be making ghost pepper wings in your own kitchen in no time.

You will need a good recipe before you can begin, either from a cookbook or from one of the many websites dedicated to providing great recipes. Check out as many options as you like to find the one that sounds the tastiest and the easiest to make. When you have your instructions picked out, you can go about obtaining your ingredients.

The most important thing to find will be the ghost pepper itself, also called the Bhut Jolokia. You should be able to find it fairly easily in a store with a well-stocked produce section. Other ingredients may change depending on which particular recipe you choose, but this one will remain constant. Of course, you'll always need the wings to put the sauce on, too!

Prepare yourself thoroughly by using a pair of gloves at all times while handling the pepper. It is extremely hot, and its juices are very concentrated, so if you do not take precautions, you may burn your skin. In addition, you must be very careful to wash all utensils and surfaces the juice may have touched, so that you do not contaminate any other foods. The ghost pepper is far hotter than others like the habanero or the jalapeno, so be absolutely sure to use appropriate caution when cooking with it.

The final step in your preparations will be to apply the sauce to your wings and cook them. Then, get ready for the spiciest sauce you have ever had! Trying out different recipes will undoubtedly result in one that you love and can share with others so that they will love it too. Try bringing it to your next party, but be sure to warn everyone that it is very hot.

Whether you find it in a bottle, eat it at a restaurant, or make it for yourself, nothing beats a great ghost pepper wing sauce for lovers of spicy food. You and your friends will love eating it at all of your gatherings, and everyone will always want more. Parties will certainly heat up when you bring it around!

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