Sous Vide Cooking- Normal Cook, Special Method

by Chris Fargas

The sous vide cooking method is unquestionably common among restaurants as well as industrial kitchens. This became customary among industrial kitchens in the 60s and later among restaurants in the 70s. Today, there are even more compact equipment that are especially designed for private kitchens at home. There is no denying that aspiring chefs and even family cooks at home are beginning to take notice thanks to all of the information, tools, and even gadgets that feature sous vide. So let's take a closer look as to what this method is for private kitchens at home.

The same cooking principle as that of poaching is also used in this method. This is, of course, cooking food by immersing it in water. You could tell the difference between the two by the method as well as the temperatures that are used. With poaching you have to put the food directly into the water while with sous vide, you have to first seal off your food in a vacuum tight plastic before, during, and even after. Sous vide cooking also places a lot of significance in the temperature levels used in cooking. You sould have a low temperature that is to be maintained until your food is done. Quite clearly, this is a slow cooking process.

Aside from that, with this method, you can actually have much more flavorful meals and dishes. However, this is still a whole lot more to this cooking style. With this method, aside from just flavorful meals, you may be sure that they are healthy too. Even an unskilled cook can turn up with delectable dishes using this technique. It is most certainly simple and convenient, especially if you have all of the right tools. You may go ahead and add chamber sealers and immersion circulators to your kitchen. But for those on a budget, water ovens along with cooking controllers will do just find.

For more insight on this method as well as recipes, you could always check outs some cook books or even turn to the net. Heck, you can probably even lean a thing or two about it on cooking shows.

With the right recipes and given enough practice, you are are to be able to cook some pretty amazing dishes. Thanks to sous vide, your could create all sorts of fancy meals in your very simple kitchen.

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