Some Facts About Welsh Cakes

by Eugenia Dickerson

Welsh cakes are traditional desserts in Wales, but are prepared in other parts of the UK as well. These cakes are often called bake stones or Pics. Originally, they were called pice bach or reisen radells. In any case, they are really a perfect choice for a tasty little breakfast you will certainly enjoy.

They taste just great as they are, just dust a little iced sugar on them. In some parts, people usually serve them with butter and jam, and you can spread both on your tasty little pancake like cake. They always contain flour, sugar and butter, with the addition of raisins, currants and aromatic spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon. Traditionally baked on a cast iron griddle, they can also be prepared on a thicker frying pan.

There are several variations, and all are quite popular in this part of the world. The variation with an interesting name of Apple Dragon has similar ingredients, but with the addition of grated apples, and this makes it especially moist. Jam Split variation is very popular in southern areas of Wales. The cake is usually served with a bowl of a home-made jam.

Traditional recipe requires four hundred grams of flour, baking powder, one hundred and twenty grams of lard and the same amount of butter, one hundred and seventy five grams of sugar and only one egg. You should also add a pinch of salt and one hundred grams of currants. Add some nutmeg and cinnamon as well, according to your taste, and you can also add ginger.

The preparation is very similar to making a pie. You should mix flour and spices with lard and butter, until your mixture forms small crumbs. Add sugar and other ingredients, and you can add some milk too, until you get a mixture a little bit moister than the one used for a pie.

Roll out the mixture on a floured board, up to one inch thick, and cut it into rounds. Place your cakes on a slightly greased, hot iron frying pan, and bake them until golden brown. Turn them over and bake the other side. When baked, dust with iced sugar and serve with jam and butter.

Some use self raising flour instead. Some recipes contain more spices, and in some you will find currants and raisins, and even some fresh fruits. If you add more baking powder, the cakes will raise and become fluffier. Although you can use any pan, for this special purpose the best one is heavy cast iron one. You could also use more eggs, and you won't have to add milk in the mixture.

One traditional recipe called Piceary moen uses more baking powder mixed with regular flour, more salt and less sugar. Most variations contain nutmeg, but you will find more cinnamon in some, or even coriander, ginger, vanilla or some other spices. Dried and fresh fruits are also quite popular, and all kinds of berries can be used as well.

Welsh cakes are so easy to make and so tasty everyone can make some for breakfast, for example. They taste great with jam and butter, but you should try eating them with butter Scotch cream, you won't be disappointed. Perfect little afternoon snacks, these simple desserts are really interesting.

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