So What exactly is Preloved Catering Equipment?

by Jhon Fhirst

Just when you thought that you have discovered all the jargon that comes with the catering business along comes a brand new term such as preloved catering equipment. The term itself provides you a pretty good idea of what it indicates, but what it might not tell you is the significance of it.

It does not matter whether you're new to the food catering business or have already been around for awhile when it comes to hospitality equipment specifically in your specific area of food catering, in this business you have to keep yourself up to date. Preloved catering equipment is something that you need to pay focus to on an ongoing basis. What it technically indicates is catering equipment which is utilized but still has plenty of life left in it.

The huge question that comes to mind is, that if its preloved then why has it fallen out of grace with the previous owner? If you were to buy these products are you getting someone else's problems? This may be the key purpose why you've not considered used catering equipment in the past.

What you could not understand is the fact that there are lots of reasons why those in the catering business would certainly want to part with a piece or even several pieces of their equipment inventory, and not because it no longer functions effectively.

Downsizing the catering business

Some company owners in this sector started out with a business plan that included the purchase of a lot of commercial kitchen equipment based on the food fare they were going to provide. As time passed they found that they no longer wanted to supply the products that this equipment was supposed to prepare. They wind up stream lining their business and find themselves now with a number of products that are not being used. The wise move would be to resell this used equipment and that qualifies it for the preloved title.

Wrong choice of equipment

It's not uncommon for all those just entering into the catering business to over purchase or pick the incorrect varieties of items. This could possibly be the result of incorrect business preparation, a good sized budget, or simply being unable to resist the sales and good offers. As soon as they've settled into their business they then totally understand that they made some poor choices and now need to sell these gently used items, so they are able to replace them with products much more applicable to their company.

Slightly damaged

You can bet that food catering equipment suppliers have some genuine love for the stock of products they keep on hand to sell to their clients. These products are their money makers. You can find times though when these become damaged via the shipment process, for instance. They are completely functional but tend not to look new so they cannot be sold as such.

You can find lots of causes why preloved catering equipment becomes accessible for sale, and they are able to give you some great equipment at some wonderful cost savings.

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