Selecting Gourmet Biscotti Gift Baskets

by Marissa Velazquez

Gourmet biscotti gift baskets will be appreciated by anyone who has a sweet tooth. Even if the person you are thinking of has certain dietary restrictions, you can still find selections that they will enjoy. This treat is a traditional Italian cookie that has been enjoyed for years in many other parts of the world. While they are usually made with wheat, there are a number of other ingredients that can be utilized so that they are appropriate for someone who is diabetic or has to follow a gluten free diet.

This cookie is usually available in all types of eateries. Persons who like to have a coffee may enjoy a small packet with their hot beverage or even relax while having a meal at a restaurant and finish up a savory dish with these treats. However people who really like them would prefer to have them at home as well. You can pick flavors that you know they will like.

While planning baskets, always keep in mind that some flavors are seasonal. Bakers always strive to use fresh ingredients and source fruits and spices that are available in order to make these pastries. For that reasons, some of their selections are not made at certain times during the year, while others can always be delivered to you.

Giving in these presents makes it possible for you to support the economy in your own community. Bakers often make an effort to get all their ingredients right from farmers who carry them fresh to them in the morning. This way, everybody benefits. You and the recipient will feel pleased to know that you help businesses around you to thrive by getting something you love.

Usually, gourmet biscotti is completely hand made by bakers who take immense pride in their craft and are quite experienced. They are formed, cut and packaged by hand so attention is paid to every last detail. If you are looking for presents that have a personal touch, this is certainly an option that you should consider.

When someone eats these biscuits with tea or a hot cup of chocolate, it allows them to relax. The care that goes into making the beverage is also reflected in the way that the baked goods are prepared. Some are made without peanuts, soy, diary and other substances that are known to trigger an allergic reaction in consumers. It would be unfortunate if someone received a gift like this from you and had a bad reaction because something in it triggered their allergies. Always check to see if there is anything that the recipient should not have.

Popular ingredients are usually combined to create a delicious taste that is unique. Some of the fruit and nuts that are used in these pastries are oranges, pistachios, cranberries, almonds, hazelnuts and lemons. Spices that are used include anise and vanilla. Each cookie may be dipped in chocolate, which makes it even tastier when you dunk it in sweet wine or hot coffee.

Since most bakers do not add preservatives to gourmet biscotti, you should choose a delivery option that gets these delicious snacks to you as quickly as possible. Customers service representatives can answer any questions you have about this and other issues and ensure that you put together a basket that will be pleasing.

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