Recipe for Traditional or Classic Guacamole

by Alejandro Mole

Mexican food has really been watered down in its trip around the planet. We add a bit to it here, take away a little something there, and before you know, you generally have fast food in a shell as an alternative to in a bun. You'd be surprised how several individuals around who think they really like Mexican food have never had an authentic Mexican meal in their lives. If you'd like the true stuff, the regular stuff, you have to go back to the regular recipes. If you would like genuine, classic guacamole recipe, then gather up these ingredients.

Traditional/Classic Guacamole Ingredients

two Avocados, 1 Lime, 1 Green Chili Pepper, 1 Little Onion, 1 Tomato (the riper the better), Salt, Cumin, Olive Oil


To start, chop up the onion and tomato incredibly fine, by hand. If you would like the authentic flavor, if you would like genuine classic guacamole, leave your food processor in the cabinet and use a knife. You'd like it chopped up really fine, but not pureed.

Take the chili pepper and get rid of the seeds. Chop this up finely, also, and add it to your tomato and onion mixture. Squeeze the lime by hand and add the juice to the mix. Do not use ready made lime juice. A little something is lost in the method. Possibly it is the pulp, or perhaps it's just not really as fresh, but you want to make sure to squeeze your own lime juice.

Take your avocados, cut them in half and take away the pits. Scoop the meat out using a spoon and mash it up in a bowl. Do not be concerned about attempting to get it too even. The truth is, you want some lumps and chunks. These tiny bits of avocado flesh in the pulp add to the homemade, classic feel on the appetizer.

Add your avocado to the mix, add salt to taste and a half tablespoon of cumin. Add just a spoonful of olive oil and mix it all with each other and you have classic, authentic guacamole dip. This guacamole recipe is the base for all guacamole and is the next best thing to taking a trip across the border.

Extra Tips For This Traditional/Classic Guacamole Recipe

Should you definitely choose to impress your guests, serve this with some fresh homemade tortilla chips. Just take some corn tortillas, cut them into triangles, fry them till crispy and salt them. Serve it all with some tequila or your favorite Mexican beer and you've got just about the finest classic Mexican combo there is.

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