Reasons To Order Custom Wedding Cupcakes Santa Barbara

by Casandra Newton

For those looking for wedding cupcakes Santa Barbara has some world class bakeries and professional decorators. It used to be standard to have a tiered cake as the focal point of the reception, but in this day and age, many brides opt for a tiered cupcake display instead. There are many advantages to this over the traditional white cake with the bride and groom on the top.

One good reason is because it is very easy to serve the individual cakes to guests. There is no reason for cutting a large cake into smaller pieces, as they are already the perfect size for a serving. This will save time and a lot of headache during the reception and will be neater than trying to cut-up a cake that is elaborately and beautifully decorated.

One other advantage is that they can be served without giving out utensils and at very casual events, even a plate. They can be put on a napkin and the guest can just eat it with his hands. They can also be easily served because guests can serve themselves without having to wait for someone to cut and serve it to them.

For a bride and groom who can not decide on one flavor to have on her special day can serve all her favorite types if she opts to serve a cupcake to each guest rather than a piece of traditional cake. She may wish to have carrot cake to please her groom, yummy chocolate for herself and another flavor to please her mom, but may opt for white because it is easy and traditional. If she opts for a cupcake display, she can serve all of her flavor options on her big day.

They can be decorated in a variety of different ways to coordinate with the event colors and theme. Each cake can carry the same colored frosting and decorations or there might three or four different decorations on the cakes. A bride might choose to have some of them frosted in white to match her gown and others in bridesmaid dress colors.

A display featuring individual cakes can be cheaper than the more traditional tiered cakes. It takes a lot of time to create these tiered cakes which increases the price, but a cupcake display can serve a large group of people for little expense. The decorations on them can be very simple, like sugar flowers or glitter, which can keep costs down.

For the bridal couple who wishes to have some elaborately decorated cakes, there are quite a lot of options. A baker can use commercial toppers, but most will opt to create their own. They may be made out of chocolate or sugar and could look like flowers or something that matches the theme of the event.

For brides looking for wedding cupcakes Santa Barbara has some talented bakers and decorators. Serving these small cakes offers a lot of advantages for the bridal couple, as several different flavors and decorations can be featured. It might even be cheaper to order these small cakes rather than a large cake which often takes a lot of time to construct and decorate.

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