Raw Food Diet Recipes That Are Easy And Delicious

by Lonnie Bressler

Organic food diet recipes can be simple and easy or time consuming and very complicated. The person who is producing the recipe may not feel like spending hours creating a intricate food or snack and there are recipes that are both simple and tasty. One of these is Avocado Stuffed Kale Leaves. Cut up 2 big avocados that are ripe in a bowl and then mash the fruit thoroughly. Chop up 1 bundle of parsley that has been rinsed and Five inner ribs of celery, and include these to the crushed avocado in the bowl. Mix in 2 cloves of garlic that has been smashed, and then make use of this combination to stuff kale leaves.

Ladybugs are an easy and tasty snack that even little ones will like. Cut Fuji apples utilizing a ceramic paring knife, and then distribute the cut side with a thin layer of natural almond butter. Place a few Goji berries on the snack as a finishing effect.

Some organic food diet quality recipes are rich in nutrition but so simple to create that also little ones can pitch in. The Pear Delight Smoothie is one favorite in this class. In a blender container combine 1 diced mango minus the seeds, 1 diced pear, cup of diced pineapple, 1 rib of celery diced, juice from 1 slice lime half, the seeds crawled from 1 vanilla bean, and 1 teaspoon of raw honey. Add just enough water to thin and blend until smooth and combined.

Natural strawberry lemonade can be a good addition on any warm day. Mix 1 cup of slashed strawberries and the juice from 2 newly cut lemons. Mash this mixture until it is well mixed and the strawberries are macerated. Strain the resulting combination through a strainer and then put 1 whole vanilla bean and 32 ounces of water to the strawberry lemon liquid. Add Stevia to sweeten according to taste and deliver chilled or over ice.

A lot of foods and drinks that area enjoyed can be made from raw ingredients for a big boost in the health advantages with out any drastic diet changes.

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