Preparing The Best Steak Marinade For A Barbecue

by Morgan Lee

If your looking for the best steak marinade you'll be sampling some of the imaginative home grown recipes for every kind of sauce you could possibly imagine. The best one's emerge from the very imagination of the chef making them. There are usually a set of flavors that your family will always use for herbs and spices and this taste pallet can be used for a starting point to make a marinade.

This factor should also be true when a marinade is prepared. You'll want to incorporate as many of those regular family favorite flavors into the mix as possible. Using this type of flavor palette approach can make for a very quiet dinner table. Everyone will be busy enjoying this combination of all of their favorite flavors.

Whenever you can get a chance to have a nice backyard barbecue, the focus should be on family and friends and enjoying a relaxing day. Your food can be prepared way ahead of time and simple grilling completes the day without a huge ordeal to feed your guests. Think of the time to prepare as an investment in a perfectly executed family get together that will be well remembered by all who attend.

You'll want to allow at a minimum 12 to 24 hours for any marinade to work it's magic. Even longer can be the answer if your time permits. It takes time for flavor to penetrate the meat and the longer you can soak the better the results. Steaks should be submersed in the sauce and then covered and refrigerated. Turning can help half way through the process.

If you start with a simple Italian or thousand Island dressing and use it for your base, you'll then add spices and herbs to taste. Using the favorite family flavors comes into play at this point. The amount of spices is also going to be a custom mix according to how large a mix your making.

Try to be sure that the mixture you make is going to be large enough to accommodate all of the steaks you'll be cooking. Having to make another mix when your improvising like this can make two very distinctive outcomes. You'll want to make notes if your cutting it close so you can make another batch if needed.

Always remember that the best steak marinade you'll ever get is going to be a combination of all the flavors you already love. You'll most likely have them all on hand and ready to go. When you serve the barbecue entrees after they've absorbed the flavors you've instilled, you'll be a proud host with a group of very satisfied guests.

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