Pino's Neighborhood Pizzeria Is Something To Experience

by Marla Mills

Everybody loves a great pizza. Whether it be full of toppings and tasty like American or Asian pizzas, or flavorful concoctions like the Italian originals nothing beats this dish. Whether you want a quick snack or a whole meal, plenty of tummy filling pizza recipe creations can be had at Pino's Neighborhood Pizzeria.

The pizzeria is located in Cherry Hills Village, near Centennial Colorado. Offering rustic and homey Italian surroundings as an environment to enjoy your meal, nothing beats its atmosphere. The place touts itself more as a place to get together with friends and colleagues, and most importantly family, rather than a commercial enterprise.

The basic requirement of using only the freshest and best ingredients in Italian cooking is well matched by what this restaurant has to offer. As Italian dishes taste best when ingredients are freshest, the owners do make sure that no stone is unturned in looking for the best. You can expect their traditional and gourmet dishes therefore to have only the freshest of what is available.

One of the regional pizzas on offer is the Sicilian pizza. This is a sixteen creation which you can top off with traditional or gourmet toppings at a very reasonable price. You also have the option to try out their pizzas by the slice if you are not too keen on having one whole by yourself, or if you want to try a taste of each of their creations.

The ability for you to be able to make your own pizza creation is an added attraction. This is particularly a good come on for the young and the not so young at heart. Kids will have a blast with this setup. In addition, the restaurant staff will be more than willing to assist you in coming up with the perfect combinations.

The restaurant also has a good selection of wines. Though not traditionally drunk with pizza, why not give it a go. Should it be a bit weird though in drinking wine with pizza, then try out the other selections of food that they have ranging from pastas to antipasti and more.

Not a pizza fan? Then that should be no problem. Many pastas and an antipasti that are all the rage in this part of the country and also from Italy. Definitely you do not need to travel so far to get the real deal in terms of Italian cooking. The management and owners are always on their toes to give you both traditional and modern recipes from Italy.

One thing that the restaurant prides itself most is that it is not part of any commercial food chain. It is definitely an authentic neighborhood and community restaurant that endears itself to the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Whether you are looking to hang out with friends or chilling out by yourself, there is definitely something for everyone in this quaint but respectable restaurant.

Should you be curious, their website has more background information, as well as a menu you can download in pdf format. Why not have a quick look at the website Pino's Neighborhood Pizzeria and see what they have to offer. But of course, as with all good restaurants, it is better to experience it rather than just read about it.

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