Picture Cakes Are The Epitome Of Special Design

by Juliette Cruz

Many people wonder how designs are made into picture cakes. It is hoped that this article will explain the procedures used. Many who are now decorating their own cakes, may see that they too can make one one of these favored deserts.

Every bakery offers this service. You can choose from ready made designs or have a photo image placed atop this grand dessert. If you enjoy the challenge of making your own cakes, there are design methods that one can learn. It does take some investment to get the proper tools for adding an edible image to your cake.

How you reproduce an image is done in different ways. You are free to choose one method or try your hand at them all. The easiest images are those that are transfers. Completely finished you simply lay the design atop the cake. A bit of artistry can have you making unique images with the simple use of food pens and edible icings.

The very best in technology is added to the printing kits that you can purchase. They come complete with directions, edible paper and ink. Following detailed directions and a bit of practice will have you making images like a pro. The airbrush kits come with a light that transfers any image to the top of the cake. Being fairly costly, it is recommended that you make enough cakes to warrant the money you will spend to buy them.

Without spending a lot of money you can use icing made from buttercream frosting and make your very own designs. It is best that you are already an accomplished cake decorator. A transfer sitting on cakes that have no other design are not very attractive to look at. You will still need to add borders and piping.

You will need a cutting board about the size of your cake top. In addition, you will need icing and bags, toothpicks, cornstarch, tape, and waxed paper. Place the design you want on the cutting board, cover it with waxed paper and tape it into place. Outline your subject and allow the icing to set up for a few hours. Fill in the outline and then freeze the entire project. When fully frozen simply turn it over onto the top of your cake.

There are many advantages to this style of decorating. It saves a lot of time and the number of designs you use is virtually unlimited. In addition, everything that you use to make the design is completely edible. There are no more plastic characters that need to be removed and washed.

You may feel that this process is more than you can handle. It may take some practice but most people will be able to master the technique they choose. It is doubtful that picture cakes will disappear anytime soon, so now is when you should join in on the fun of these very personalized cakes.

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