Perfect Italian Food And Wine Pairing

by Laura Gallagher

The cuisine of Italy is extremely delicious and popular; foodies have ranked this cuisine in their top five favorites for years. The perfect wine can make a good dish great. It's not hard to choose the ideal Italian food and wine pairing. Just follow these simple guidelines to enhance any dish.

If a hearty meat dish is the order of the day, a Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect accompaniment. This lovely red has a high tannin content, making it strong enough to stand up to meaty pasta dishes or steaks. In fact, when paired with meaty dishes, the tannins mellow and the undertones of black cherry are able to shine, bringing out the beautiful fruity flavor of this vino.

Cheese and tomato-based pasta dishes are a staple in most restaurants. On their own, they are delicious. But when paired with a glass of Chardonnay, they become a food of the gods. This crisp white can also stand up to sweet onion flavors and garlic. An older, more aged Chardonnay will also enhance the earthiness of mushroom dishes.

The delicate little potato dumplings bathed in light sauces called gnocchi are a staple of the cuisine. The perfect match for this tasty bite is a sharp Riesling. Serve this red at room temperature to enhance the mellow flavor of the gnocchi and the end result is the perfect meal.

Spicy sauces on pasta are growing in popularity in the world of Sicilian cuisine. The perfect accompaniment to a zesty meal like this is a Zinfandel. Growing in popularity, Zinfandels are lovely reds that stand up to spicy pasta dishes without overwhelming them. The spiciness of the dish brings out the mellow aroma of the Zinfandel.

It's easy to master italian food and wine pairing. However, if you are still intimidated by the prospect, ask the sommelier at a good Italian restaurant to give advice. Employees of specialty libation stores also love to share their knowledge on the subject and will make some excellent suggestions to enhance your next dinner party. Enjoying good food and beverages is one of the greatest pleasures on earth. Buon appetito!

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