Paleo Dishes - They Are Not Difficult To Make

by Maria Renouf

Because it is simple to prepare delicious Paleo dishes - they are not difficult to make for the family. When it comes to making delicious dishes for the Paleo diet is not difficult. In fact, nothing could be easier. The concept for this food regime is based on the fact that genetically, humans are not much different now from what they were in Palaeolithic times. So some people believe that humans today should be following a similar diet to that of our most ancient ancestors.

Those who follow these guidelines report having greater energy and less health worries. Many are losing weight by eating the foods recommended while others believe this is a more natural way to live. People of the Palaeolithic era would have eaten mostly fish and meat supplemented with eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and even insects if food was in short supply.

Foodstuffs such as meat and fish would have supplied plenty of protein. What would have been missing in the diet of our ancestors were dairy products and grains. There were no animals tame enough to milk and wild grains would have been considered food only if nothing else was available. Dairy and grain products are not recommended in the Paleo regime.

Organic products are, of course, best. Cooking should be done with olive or coconut oil or animal fats. Drink water rather than sugary drinks. Range- or grass-fed meat is best. These animals probably haven't been subjected to a range of antibiotics. Animals which have been fattened on grain have much less of the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids than grass-fed animals.

Breakfast dishes can include any egg dishes. Almond flour and coconut flour can be used in muffins, crepes and pancakes to replace processed white flours. Frittata is also delicious and simple to make. Most soups are Paleo friendly. Creamed soups can be made using coconut milk/cream in place of standard cream.

Most salads fit all criteria necessary although potato is not allowed. If you are trying to lose weight limit your daily consumption of nuts as they are high in calories. Baked goods should be eaten in moderation. Peanuts are actually a legume and not one of the recommended foods. Most seafood and poultry recipes will need to be changed very little, if at all. There are any number of delicious vegetables which can be served with meat and fish dishes. Sweet potato can be used in place of potato.

If you have a sweet tooth and love ice-cream you can purchase coconut ice cream. Fruit dishes are always tasty. Because it is easy to prepare delicious Paleo dishes - they are not difficult to cook at home. By substituting processed flours for almond or coconut flour, you will be able to adapt many of your favorite cake and biscuit recipes. The small changes that need to be made will be well worth it as the result will be more energy and a healthier body.

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