Our Holiday Favorites

It's once once more holiday season and like all good holidays, there's loads of tasty meals being served with a great deal of energy and fat. Essentially the most fattening foods are sometimes our favorites to eat throughout this particular time of year. In the event you're watching your weight loss plan, you'll need to do a little research on how much fat is in sure varieties of meals, then plan a strategy for the way you're going to eat as wholesome as doable, while limiting your fats intake.
To get you started, here's an inventory of 12 of the most fattening foods commonly served at vacation parties and dinners:
Almond Kulfi (Indian Desert)
Apple Pie
Christmas Pudding
Churros Con Chocolate (Spanish Desert)
Creamed Corn
Jule Kake (Norwegian)
Melkkos (South African)
Potato Latkes
Roast Goose
Candy Potatoes with Marshmallows