Oshinko and Other Sushi

by Nate Smith

The term sushi is actually used to describe the sushi rice that is used to make sushi rolls. This rice is prepared in a way that gives it a sticky texture so that it can be formed and molded easily when making sushi rolls. When you think of sushi you may automatically start thinking about un-cooked fish or raw food, but keep in mind that is a term used for the rice that the sushi is made with. You will probably always hear people referring to Japanese dishes as sushi. But you will know the difference.

The term for the rice used to make sushi rolls and other Japanese dishes is referred to as shari. Sushi is prepared in several different ways. The simplest of ways is sashimi. Sashimi is a piece of un-cooked fish. Keep in mind that this fish is sushi grade so it is ok to eat. You will not want to go to the local grocery store and grab some fresh fish, you will be disappointed. The good thing about sashimi is that is very low in calories and is a great option if you are trying to stay away from all the extra calories.

One of the easiest ways to get sushi into your belly is by doing hand roll sushi. Rolling your sushi by hand is very handy because its easy, fast, and doesn't take much practice to get it down. When making a hand rolled sushi roll you are going to want to pile your ingredients in the middle of your nori paper and start rolling the seaweed p-aper into a cone shape. Once you have rolled all the filling into the cone it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

There are hundreds of different sushi rolls out there. The sushi roll is going to be the most popular out of the three ways to prepare sushi. Sushi rolld are good because there are many different variations you can go with. The options are basically limitless. You will notice that almost any sushi place you go eat at is going to have their own house roll and they are all named something different.

With sushi rolls being the most popular form of preparing sushi it is good to have other options. If you dont have all the stuff you need to create a good sushi roll you can always make a good hand rolled sushi roll easily without some of the tools required. This is great for people who are new to making their own sushi. Another tip for the noobies is to make sure you buy sushi grade fish if you decide to use fish.

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