Mothers Day Gift Baskets Make Ideal Presents

by Kerri Turner

Mothers Day gift baskets are popular as presents and deservedly so. By creating your own basket or receptacle you can create a truly unique package for a particular person. By receiving a container which is filled with hand-picked goodies, your effort will be doubly appreciated.

There are many items which can be used as receptacles. It can be interesting to make up Mothers Day gift baskets based on a theme. Choose a lining to suit the contents. This might be a tea-towel, face-washers or a hand towel. When filled with all sorts of specially chosen items, the recipient will be thrilled with her gift.

If your mother loves gardening, use a decorative pot instead of a basket. Add an attractive plant, gardening tools, seeds, good quality pruners or a pruning saw and gardening gloves. If luck is on your side, there may be a garden show nearby. Include a couple of tickets so she can attend with a friend. A gift card from a garden center is always welcome and could be an inclusion. Another option is a DVD of some famous gardens. For a gardener, these are wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable to watch.

Gourmet baskets are a great favorite. Fancy cheeses, dips and nibbles can be too expensive to buy regularly so a collection of favorites placed on a serving platter would be well received. Add a couple of crystal wine glasses and a bottle of wine. It isn't difficult to make up a gourmet selection yourself.

A selection of herbal teas would please those who enjoy such products. Add some delicious biscuits, a fine china cup and saucer and some glossy magazines. Top up your gift with some home-made cakes or biscuits.

Mothers often don't have much time or money to spend on themselves. A collection of beauty products would make her eyes light up. Buy several small size perfumes so she can try some different fragrances. Bubble bath, nail polish, hand lotion and make-up are other possibilities. Include a voucher for a massage or manicure if she isn't able to treat herself to these regularly.

Some rarely get the chance to go to the movies or a show. Instead of a basket, choose a small evening bag. Pop in tickets to a show or a movie. Offer to baby-sit the elderly dog, dependent children or grandparents. Add popcorn and sweets. If your mother loves sports but never gets a chance to attend a match. Present her with an insulated bag with flask, beakers and nibbles. Include a scarf and beanie in her team colors. If going to the sport of her choice is not feasible, buy a DVD of highlights or a special match and make the time to watch it with her.

For those who like reading and word games, a paperback or two would give her great enjoyment. Add a small reading light and a bookmark. If she likes crosswords, put in a book of puzzles, a nice pen and a few sweets to eat and she'll be able to relax for a while.

A fleece rug, nightgown, dressing gown, bed socks, skin lotion and a book will be welcomed by someone who likes curling up in bed and reading. A new handbag can be filled with a scarf, handkerchiefs, tights, feminine lingerie and make-up. Mothers Day gift baskets can be as individual as you care to make them.

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