Mothers Day Gift Baskets For Those Special Women In Your Life

by Camille Johnston

Surprise the special women in your life with Mothers Day gift baskets. The possibilities are endless as to the variety of items to fill it with. Just think of the activities, interests or hobbies your wife, mother, grandmother or special person really enjoys and make your choices accordingly. They will be pleasantly surprised at your thoughtfulness and creativity.

Every woman likes to be pampered with spa gifts. Select scented soaps and lotions, herbal shampoos and conditioners, makeup kits, combs and brushes, or manicure sets. Add a bottle of expensive cologne or a makeup brush set. Certificates to local hair salons, nail studios, or quality spas will also be greatly appreciated. A certificate for a complimentary massage would also provide relaxation and comfort to sore muscles.

A gardening theme for the flower enthusiast or vegetable gardener is also appropriate. Kneeling pads, seeds, flower bulbs, trowels and other hand tools, and good quality gardening gloves are perfect fillers. Books and magazines on gardening will also be enjoyed by the recipient. Paid tuition to a gardening class or tickets to a home and garden show would make an extra special impact.

If wine is her thing, fill a basket with miniature bottles of pinot noir, merlot, cabernet, zinfandel, pinot grigio and chardonnay wines. Include a corkscrew, a pair of monogrammed wine glasses and a book on learning about wines and wine varieties. Fill the remainder of the space with a small cutting board, gourmet cheeses, meats and crackers for a happy hour with friends or co-workers.

If she is a chocolate lover, lovely boxes of assorted chocolate candies would be the perfect present along with martinis glasses with all of the makings for chocolate martinis. A small fondue pot with select food items to dip into the melted chocolate would also be a imaginative addition. These extra items could include pretzels, marshmallows and assorted nuts such as almonds and pecans.

If reading is her favorite past time, choose a few novels in her favorite genre. A bookmark with an appropriate quote and a clip-on light can also be added. If your budget allows it, a Nook or Kindle along with an interesting cover would make an amazing and welcome filler.

If she is an expectant mother, slippers, books on childcare, and soothing body lotion would all be extremely useful. The books could include works by Dr. Spock and baby name listings. Gift certificates for babysitting, house cleaning and other assistance would be greatly appreciated after the baby is born. Buy a pink or blue basket that matches the sex of the child or a pale yellow generic basket if the gender is unknown.

Assemble those Mothers Day gift baskets with your specific women in mind. The more personal the contents are, the more special they will be to the recipients. Show how much you care by choosing the most unique and original items for all of the favorite women in your life.

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