Masterbuilt Smoker Is The Solution To My Grilling Demands

by Kentu Wallman

I have always wanted to stop and have a backyard barbecue grill party with my close work associates and friends, but I've been putting it off for the longest time. In the end, I determined to shop for a grill last week.

The sheer quantity of choices was really overwhelming, but I ended up settling on the purchase of a Masterbuilt smoker after going through the product features I was amazed. To be honest, I wasn't completely sure I made the right selection- until I took it for a spin during my first ever char-grill.

I was thoroughly impressed by the Masterbuilt smoker, and here are a few reasons why I was:

#1: The Easiness Of Use

After unboxed the grill, I thought at first that it would take me a long time to get on track. After flipping through the instruction booklet however, I was relieved that the directions were very in dept hand clearly showed me how to build up my Masterbuilt smoker.

It took me less than half an hour to get allup and running with no hassle at all. What I also liked was that it wasn't complicated to use which I recognize the value of because I am not at all an expert on grilling foods. The hand book even included a recipe section and a cooking guide for the assorted types of meat.

#2: Brilliant Grilling Design

There were additional other features that persuaded me a lot that I had in fact made the right decision. For example, the smoker is vertically oriented which meant it only takes up nominal floor space. This is valuable to me for the reason that I have to make room for furniture and other outside paraphernalia.

Furthermore, this grill allowed me to cook my food with no running into hitches. The pair of chrome-plated racks looked very heavy-duty and could hold a substantial batch of meat and vegetables so everyone got their fill as fast as possible.

The thermometer built into the BBQ was also beneficial because I didn't need to keep opening the lid which would have delayed the grilling time by letting heat break away from. Thanks to this nifty feature, I was able to stick to the recipe's suggested BBQ temperature as strictly as doable.

One other gadget I liked was the side handles because they stayed cool to the touch even at the same time as I was using the grill. Cooking with high-level heat has its risks, and it's considerate of them to take in this detail.

#3: Built For Combat

As it turned out, my chicken and ribs came out like a dream to my guests' delight. After that successful barbecue, I saw a lot of similarly successful weekends in my future.

My worry though was if my Masterbuilt smoker could handle repetitive use. My friends reassured me though that I had nothing to worry about.

The reason: most of them owned Masterbuilt smokers - some for years!

They pointed out that with habitual like maintenance, my precious investment would endure me a long time because Masterbuilt models are made from sturdy heavy duty steel, unlike other brands that only use thin layered sheet like metal.

I also noticed that following assembling my grill, all the parts came together quite nicely and the complete body had a very solid and powerful feel to it. I guess this means me and my Masterbuilt smoker have a lot more barbecues to look forward to!

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