Locating Yummy Sushi Bars Campbell

by Madge Lindsay

For hungry customers who are searching for Sushi bars Campbell has a lot of good choices, including some fast options and some sit down establishments for those looking for fine dining. The concept for these places originated in the historic city of Tokyo, Japan and remain popular there, as well as in the United States and other parts of the world. There are a variety of different types of sushi that is available at these establishments and most will offer other favorites from Japan such as Yakitori, Tempura and Donburi.

This special type of food was invented in the 1700s and is more popular today than ever. Though the taste and combination of ingredients is always an important element, the presentation was and is still vital with this type of food. For many modern day chefs, creating these delicacies are as much about the taste as the way it looks and the way that it is presented to the diner.

In its most basic of forms, this roll is made from rice and sea weed that is wrapped around the interior ingredients to provide flavor and to keep it together. What does vary from one roll to another is the center ingredients. It might be filled with an array of vegetables or meats or both.

Creating these beautiful rolls is considered an form of art that must be practiced. Many times it is a craft that is carried on from a generation to another through the family when kids learn to do it from their older family members. Some chefs go to school in order to learn this specialized skill and others learn how to do it from master chefs who teach them.

There are a variety of different types that might be served including the popular California Roll which features avocado and cucumber and crab or imitation crab meat. This roll was invented in California by a chef from Japan who was interning in California. They have grown in popularity and are now offered on the menu of most American Japanese restaurants and even some other restaurants including some fast food places.

Those who don't like to or can't eat meat or meat products often like to eat at Japanese restaurants because they have a lot of meatless options. One popular vegetarian option is the Veggie Roll which has pesto and a large variety of vegetables inside the wrap of sea weed and rice. Some of the vegetables that are often used are cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and sometimes scrabbled eggs.

Fish, both raw and cooked, is commonly used in this type of food. Tuna is often used in the rolls and is the most prominent ingredient in some of the types including the Tekka Maki roll and Temaki which are both made out of this kind of fish. Other fish that might be used in these creations include salmon and Nijimasu, commonly known as Rainbow Trout.

For people looking for Sushi Bars Campbell offers some good options. Though this cuisine hails from Japan, it has become very popular all around the world. The type may vary, but there are similarities in all of them, such as the importance of quality ingredients, presentation and the use of rice.

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