Locating The Best Fondant Supply Outlets

by Freida Lamb

For pastry chefs and cake decorators who are looking for fondant Los Angeles has a lot of great options. There are bakery supply places that offer the product and sometimes, the baker can even find it in the grocery stores. The material is very popular in cake decorating and can help to create some amazing designs.

There are two very different types of this product. There's the poured kind which is used in fillings. And there's the rolled kind which is icing that is used primarily as a decorative material for different kinds of baked goods.

It's icing that is pliable and thick and can cover a whole cake top or can be shaped and sculpted. It's French and means, 'melting' and does look like it is sometimes melting of the top of a cake. It might be white or could be tinted to any color and is pliable enough to be shaped into any shape.

It's quite popular and is found in a lot of places. The buyer should search at the bakery supply place first. They are likely to find a lot of different varieties and manufactures to pick from. They could have some there that are white so they can be tinted by the decorator or they may come in a color.

The buyer should look at the local craft store to see if they can find it. These stores often carry baking materials and may carry this kind of product. Even some of the local grocers may have some in their baking aisle.

For someone who is looking for fondant Los Angeles offers some good suppliers. There are two different kinds and a lot of variation in those different types. The customer can look at bakery or craft supply stores or even in the baking supply section of the local grocery store to find the item.

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