List Of Some Famous BBQ Sauces

by Angel Dudley

Barbecue is a popular summer activity all around the world. During summers, people love to get engaged in different sorts of outdoor activities and barbecuing is definitely one of them and a BBQ is never complete without your favorite BBQ sauce. There are many different types of famous BBQ sauces and they all go well with such meals.

There are plenty of popular brands that you can easily buy from the market and they all taste more or less the same. For some people, there is no better option available then a truly homemade BBQ sauce. Your homemade sauce may contain any ingredient of your choice and some of the basic flavors that you can either make at home or buy from the market consist of tangy flavor, sweet and sour, spicy and vinegary flavor.

The base is always made while using tomatoes with other list of ingredients to add more flavor. You can add, mustard, hot sauce, chilies, herbs and other spices. Besides fresh tomatoes, sometimes the base is made while using ketchup, again it can be either homemade or shop bought.

If you don't fancy making your own homemade sauce then you can easily buy them from the supermarket as the choice available to you is endless. One of the famous brands is Open Pit and its one of the cheapest brands available out there. It has a very thin consistency as compared to others and it tastes like a mixture of ketchup and hot sauce. It goes well with BBQ wings or fried nuggets.

The Shed is another brand preferred by many people however it is definitely not a cheap brand as others. You could either marinade your food while using this sauce or it might be consumed as a dip too. It is a mixture of distinctive flavors like vinegar, sugar and tomatoes.

Many people are aware of Kraft Original and its definitely worth trying. The most prominent flavor is the smokiness of the sauce with a slight hint of sweetness. It has a very thick consistency which makes it an ideal choice to use it as marinade for your meats. The smoky and spicy flavor goes well with fried food as well as chips and roasts.

For those people who want their BBQ sauce to be sweet and ketchupy, Hunt's Original is the right choice for them. This brand has a very distinctive taste and it combines unusual ingredient together like Worcestershire sauce, citrus fruit and apricots. When it comes to price, its quite cheap not expensive at all and at the same time very different from the rest of the crowd.

Thus, when it comes to famous BBQ sauces there is no particular list because everyone prefers different taste and flavor. For some individuals tangy flavor is the best while others like it to be spicy and then some of them want their sauce to be sweet and spicy. It all depends on what your favorite flavor is and you should get it whether you make it at home or opt for shop bought products.

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