Learning More About The RoJaus Wine Decanter

by Celia Hall

Wine storage can be classy and fashionable as well as stylish. The RoJaus wine decanter could be a gift of distinction when given to someone special. Left to sit on a counter used for dispensing, your friends may find this unit is an elegant addition to the home.

One of the important things about serving red vintages is keeping it at the appropriate temperature for serving and proper level of air exposure for experiencing the full flavor. This model can accommodate both areas of interest in reds and offer an attractive, transparent service. As the wine comes out, a proper amount of oxygen is mixed in with the liquid to add to the aroma that winds up in a glass.

With typical bottle service, a bottle of red may be uncorked and then left open to breathe. This unit takes that hassle out of serving a red vintage and allows it to have enough of its surrounding air to bring out the notes and flavors of a drink. You may find that the drink actually tastes better this way than straight from a bottle.

With the red wine accessories, there is a metal mesh filter than can help eliminate any sedimentation that may be from the bottle. This can create a smooth finish and also keep any stray pieces of cork from invading the liquid after opening the bottle initially with a corkscrew. The drink then can be served in its purest form.

The dispenser also offers just as much care in detail for serving white varieties. The glass bubble that is included in the decanter can be frozen and then used as a chilling effect for the white vintage. The result is a perfectly chilled glass dispensed neatly to your friends.

The modern design of this unit can work well visually in most homes when added to most counter settings. The glass and its modern design can distinguish it from the rest of the items in a typical home bar arrangement. The unit has enough modern forward thinking design to be attractive as a centerpiece in a home, kitchen or personal bar to catch the light and show off the vintage contained within.

The decorative plate that also was included in the set could be switched out to match the surrounding interior space where it resides. The coaster that comes with the unit is a grapevine look that can work well as a basic plate to set your glass on. However, there are other types and styles that can fit in just as well based on your personal style at home.

A RoJaus wine decanter may surprise someone on your gift list as an impressive addition to his or her home. If you know someone who enjoys serving and sharing drinks with others, take a look at one of these units as a special gift. You may find that his type of service can work well in your friend's home at his or her next gathering.

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