Learning About Tex Mex Houston Style

by Juliette Cruz

When you crave Tex Mex Houston can satisfy your taste with a variety of restaurants. These sites can be a perfect source of inspiration to learn to adopt some of these cooking styles. Whether you are a novice or pro, expert cooks can give you insight on what makes their dishes stand out.

This type of cooking tends to be heavier and spicier than other variations of south of the border meals. Tortillas and tacos, hot peppers and cheese, all are elements that can be the basis for a night celebrating this style. Beef, chicken and pork also can all play important roles in these dishes.

When starting out trying to do these dishes, be conservative when it comes to spices. Too much of a good thing also can mean a too-hot main course. If you do overdo it on the spices, sprinkle flour into the dish or add diced bits of tortilla shells or taco chips to help neutralize the heat.

Going out to eat at some of the better restaurants serving this style of food can help you become more creative as a cook. Feel free to ask about the specifics in a broth, for example, in a chicken tortilla soup. You may discover spice and extra ingredient secrets you can add to a version at home.

Meat preparation also may be an element worth exploring at different sites in the area. You could find out what a spice blend consists of at a specific restaurant, for example. You also might learn more about marinating techniques or how to take one type of meat and use it in various dishes.

Chili is another main course idea that is worth exploring and talking to restaurants about. You might find subtle but noticeable differences in the types that they create for customers. The more you learn about the variations and different styles and spice combinations, the more creative you may be in the types you make in your own kitchen, with beans or without, and become a master chili maker.

Even plain side dishes could become a main course when the right ingredients are added to expand and fill out the meal. Beans and rice, for example, can be bought in bulk and made into a decent main course with chopped tomatoes and spicy sauces with bits of meat. Different chefs offer their styles that you can explore for your own version.

When it comes to Tex Mex Houston restaurants can serve up an education in the vast variety of styles and flavors. Take time to take a tour of the best eateries in the area, and then begin to compile your own home-grown version of this type of cooking. You may enjoy starting with basic versions and going exotic.

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