Learn Something About Bhut Jolokia Sauce

by Lela Perkins

If you have never tried Bhut Jolokia sauce, you should certainly try it. Especially if you enjoy spicy food. Bhut Jolokia chili peppers are the hottest thing you can imagine, maybe four hundred times hotter than another hot sauce, Tabasco. In this amazing sauce you will find other ingredients as well, such as garlic, tomatoes, onions and all kinds of popular spices.

Bhut Jolokia peppers, or Ghost peppers, come from India. People use them there for centuries, but they were unknown in Western world until twelve or thirteen years ago. Now they are extremely popular just about everywhere, especially among the people who like their meals very hot. Formerly hottest chili was called Red Savina Habanero, but it just cannot be compared with this one.

Bhut Jolokia chili peppers are incredibly hot, but they also have very nice taste and strong, intoxicating aroma. You should add only a small amount in your meals, because it is so incredibly powerful. Make sure to use gloves when slicing or chopping your peppers, even when they are dry.

The most important ingredient in those powerful little peppers is Capsaicin. Thanks to it, they are so incredibly strong and hot. Capsaicin itself is very healthy to consume. It can be very useful in fighting various diseases, including some cancer types. Its main characteristic is to bring pain relief, especially when it comes to muscle, joints and arthritis pains. It is also very useful in fighting headache.

Numerous positive effects on human health are already proven, especially on lowering blood pressure and treating cardiovascular diseases. It has positive effect on human digestion as well, thanks to the fact it actually encourages cleansing processes and digestion. That's why it is used in numerous quality dietary products. It means you will lose weight more efficiently if you consume this pepper.

There are so many recipes using this amazing little pepper. You should certainly try some of them. You can find dried Ghost peppers, or buy them in form of flakes, powder or even oil. You can easily make your own oil. There are two basic ways of preparing this oil. The first one is to place one or two peppers in a dish and cover it with your favorite oil. Leave it in your oven for an hour or so. You will get perfectly scented oil if you pour some olive oil in a small bottle, together with your peppers.

Salsa is very easy to prepare as well. First, you need to rehydrate your Ghosts. Just cook them in water for a while. Second, put everything in your blender, add sea salt and tomatoes, canned or fresh, white vinegar and some garlic. Mixture can be kept in your refrigerator for maybe a week or so.

Bhut Jolokia sauce is easy to prepare as well. You should rehydrate dried Ghosts first. Chop onion, garlic and fresh or canned tomatoes. Put some virgin olive oil in a pan, add chopped onion and cook for a while. Add other ingredients and your favorite herbs and spices. Leave on very low heat for maybe half an hour, and your tasty sauce is finished. It goes great with grilled meat, but it is suitable for vegetarian dishes as well.

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