Information About Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce

by Teri Farley

The hottest sauce in the world is the Bhut Jolokia hot sauce. This is a fact that is recorded in the Guinness Book of records. On the Scoville scale this pepper scored one million. This scale is used to measure how hot sauces are. Though Jolokia is edible, it is wise to handle it with caution. It cannot poison anyone with its strong spice. Its plant is said to originate from India.

When the pepper is ripe is should be about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. The color should be red. At times the fruit can be orange and wrinkled. If oil from this fruit touches your nose or eyes, you will experience severe pain. Keep it away from wounds that are open. It is wise to have gloves on when working on this pepper.

If you place a single seed in your mouth you might experience a lot of pain. This condition can last for up to 30 minutes. It is therefore wise to start with a tiny amount that will allow you to gauge your tolerance without much pain. After consuming the pepper you are likely to feel a burning sensation in the stomach. You may also experience effects similar to those brought about by laxatives. Some people also sweat. The reaction depends with an individual.

There are different forms that the pepper can be found in. Seeds are one of the common forms. There are many vendors on the internet that sell them. When you purchase seeds you have to plant them and wait for the fruits to be formed. You need damp soil for the plants to do well. You also need a sunny and warm atmosphere.

You can also use the internet to get fresh pepper. Remember that they will not stay fresh for long. You should therefore confirm the location that they are being sent from. When you purchase the sauce in this form, you will spend much more than if you buy the seeds. It will cost you about 5 times more.

You can also find Jolokia in form of sauces and pastes. These forms are hotter than the chili and you should use them carefully. You can shop for them in major supermarkets and retail stores around the world.

If you happen to sow the seeds you can get about 30 fruits from a single plant. Normally it is not easy to get the fruits ripe. Indoor growing is recommended if you want to finish them well. This pepper is used for various reasons.

The most popular use is as a spice. There are hundreds of recipes that use Bhut Jolokia hot sauce. The chili can be smoked, roasted, dried and seeded. Because the flavor is very strong it is advisable to use a small portion for the food that you are cooking. If you do not follow the right instructions you can be sure to feel pain. This condition can last for several minutes. You need to take all the right precautions when dealing with this pepper. Ventilate the room and use gloves.

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