How To Store The Birthday Cakes Properly

by Paulette Short

It is just natural for the person to find the proper ways on how to store the birthday cakes New Jersey. If the person wants to keep the cake in the best condition before the actual event when it will be used, then make sure to take some precautions for it. There should be several tips that the person can follow through with this.

It will be useful for the person to know more of these tips. After all, it makes it easier for the person to ensure that the cake is in their best condition before preparing it for the event and serving it to the guests. Otherwise, the person might end up ruining not only the cake but the entire event as well.

Look for the right storing tips that the chef can take advantage of for this. It should be easier for the chef to make preparations for the said event with regards to the pastry with this. The chef should learn how to take advantage of these tips. Here are the right tips to follow for the sake of storing the said cake.

First of all, there is a need to consider the fluorescent lighting and sunlight. This is because these are the two factors that will alter the icing colors. If possible, the cake should be stored in a covered box. Make sure that it is out of the direct glare of the sunlight and even with the fluorescent lighting to prevent any alterations to the icing colors.

It is also necessary to consider the humidity of the place where the cake will be stored. With the humidity, the royal icing or the gum paste in the cake will soften. With high humidity, prepare the royal icing using confectioner's sugar. Add less liquid and one more teaspoon of Meringue powder.

Heat should be considered as well. If the humidity around where the cake is kept is too high, it will certainly melt the icing really quickly. It will also make it the decorations droop. It will certainly ruin the appearance and even the taste of the cake.

Protecting the cake by placing it inside a clean and covered cake box is a must too. For this one, make sure to avoid using plastic wrap or foil when covering this decorated cake. These are the type of materials that will stick to the icing and easily crush the delicate decorations that the person has painstakingly prepared beforehand.

The icing should be considered well too. This is another factor that the chef has to remember. Depending on the icing that the chef picks for the pastry, the chef will have to decide on the storage type accordingly. It can be with the refrigerator, cool room temperature or a frozen one.

It should be helpful to follow these tips when the person is serving the birthday cakes New Jersey for an important event. This way, the one celebrating this important event can be happy with the cake. Storing this prepared cake the right way is only appropriate.

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