How To Remove The Stain And Clean A Crystal Wine Decanter

by Mamie Conrad

Removing stains and cleaning crystal wine decanter is a very challenging task. There are several areas in the surface and inside the container that requires more attention. If not cleaned properly, stains could build up on the inside surface, particularly on the neck and around the bottom area of the decanter. Bacause of the delicateness of the container, extra caution has to be observed when cleansing to prevent unnecessary breakage.

The decanter is a stylish way to store wines. Aside from the appearance, the bottle also enhances the flavor and natural aroma of the spirit that it bears. However, the aromatic compounds and flavonoids responsible for the taste and aroma are also the same compounds responsible for the unsightly stain that builds up on the carafe.

When cleaning the crystal carafe, lay it on top of a heavy rubber mat or towel. Preferably use the sink as cleanup area to avoid accidental rolling over of the carafes while the washing process is ongoing. Use a soft sponge to avoid scratching the surface of the delicate jar. Mild dish washing liquid diluted in warm water is also recommended.

Similarly, wash the inside with dish washing liquid and warm water. Hold the container firmly with both hands, one on top and another at the bottom. Make shaking motions and let the detergent solution cover the whole area inside. Rinse with clean and warm water.

If there are stains from the alcohol that remains after washing, make a homemade solution of stain remover. Simply add teaspoons of rock salt to vinegar and pour it into the jar. Make shaking motions to allow the grains of salt to rub on the stain area.

You can also use a combination of undiluted white vinegar and baking soda. Simply soak the tip of a dish sponge with the vinegar and sprinkle baking soda to it. Rub the insides of the jar where the stains are hard to remove. Make sure not to rub too hard or you will break the delicate crystal.

If the stain remains, you can combine the rock salt and the baking soda with warm water. Use this mixture to make the swishing motions inside the jar. You can also use a dish sponge to apply the solution and rub the tough stain spots with. However, the sponge can only be used in areas that are large enough to contain the sponge. In other areas, the swishing motion is the best method to use.

Rinse the bottle thoroughly with warm water. Make repeated washings until all the runoff has no sign of residue. Dry off the surfaces of the jar using paper towels for the outside area and a lint-free cloth for the inside surfaces.

For the toughest stains, the container can be soaked in a concentrated white vinegar solution overnight. Wash with a solution of warm water and mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. You can also use a hairdryer to hasten the drying of the container. However, extra care should be ascertained to avoid breaking the container because of too much heat. To avert cleaning tough discolorations, make it a standard to clean all crystal wine decanters thoroughly after each use.

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