How To Process Chicken Right At Home

by Thelma Kent

Several techniques can be brought to play by a chicken processing California entrepreneur. Discussed here is one of the simple means that can be used. Before beginning, the necessary things should be brought together.

From here, the poultry is tied with the feet together hanged with the head facing down. This will assist in making it immobile. Once in this done, one should find the space between the jaw bone and the shoulders. This is where a cut should be made. One should make sure that the blade is very sharp to avoid prolonging the death of the chicken. The blade should also not be dug deep such that it gets to the trachea.

With the bird in that position, a container should be kept under it o collect the dripping blood. While giving it time to drip some hot water can be prepared thereafter the poultry bird inserted. This helps with making the feathers easy when it comes to plucking.

Once this part has been dealt with, the next thing would be to dip in the water and pluck the feathers. A rinse should be given and the skin on the feet peeled off. Separating the feet from the leg can follow by working from the hock. The head too could be gotten rid of this way.

At this point the gutting process can be started. It is also where utmost care needs to be practiced to avoid the entrails leaking into the meat. Various parts should be dealt with depending on which part it is.

Cleaning should then follow and to enhance the appearance, the legs neatly tucked into an incision made at the back of the skin. The wings will also need some rearranging to make it fit well into the packaging. Apart from this, other ways may also be used by a chicken processing california firm.

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