How To Make Some Delicious Welsh Cookies

by Myrtle Cash

When a person will be able to finish something that he never had the chance on doing for so long, then it is normal for him to be happy about it. There are also others who might not know how to bake nor cook. However, they may try to make some Welsh cookies that are yummy since it is very easy by following a simple guide written here.

For those who do not know, they are quite popular not just in European countries, but also in a lot of places around the world. Preparing the things that will be needed is the first thing that must be done to finish this kind of task at hand. Get some sugar, currents that are chopped, milk and some eggs.

Aside from the ones mentioned, you will also need some grounded nutmeg, kosher salt, baking soda and powder as well some butter that is frozen. Once the ingredients are all there, you may proceed with the preparation of the devices that you will need for your task. You have to ensure that everything is present prior to starting with the activity,

You can start now by pouring the milk and the egg into one bowl. They will be combined well enough if you are going to use a fork to whisk them. The currants are the next ingredients that you have to put into the bowl. Combine all the other ingredients that were mentioned on top on another bowl that is large.

After doing the steps on top, you have to combine the first and the second mixtures that you have created awhile ago. It is also advisable to make use of a wooden spoon in this step. Once done, you will now be able to make a dough. The latter must then be formed into a flat disc before they can be covered with plastic.

The moment you have done that step, chilling the dough inside the freezer for about an hour must follow. Remember that the traditional version of these cookies have the same shapes as pancakes. If you wish to make use of a different and distinct design and shape for the ones you are making, then that is really possible. The cookie cutter will also be your assistant in creating more shapes designs.

By the time you already confirmed that the cookies are hard, get them from the freezer and place them on a piece of wax paper. You should also know that the process that is followed in making them is similar to that of the pancakes. Meanwhile, a griddle is also needed so that you can cook them or a nonstick skillet will also do the job.

You can now spray the griddle using a nonstick spray. It is also important to position the cookies in as far as two inches from each other. A spatula must also be used when it is time for you to turn them around and make sure you are not going to burn them.

The last part is the removal of the Welsh cookies from the griddle with the aid of tongs by the time they are cooked. Topping the cookies with some sugar is also possible. When you are done, then you may proceed to consuming them.

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