How To Make Chocolate Truffles

by Tiffany Gill

To those who are planning to make chocolate truffles NYC, it is important to prepare the double boiler first. The double boiler is actually known by most as bain marie. The individual should place medium cooking pan in high heat. Pour in around one liter of water. Remember to bring the water to a simmer.

The next thing that the individual will have to take care of is the choco bar. The individual should place the bar on the chopping board. Proceed on cutting or breaking it into square pieces. The best way to go about this is to follow the lines on the bar. There may be times when that is not possible because the bar is divided into very large pieces, though.

Then, get a small pan. Add two tablespoons of water in it. This water will assist with the melting of the chopped up choco bar. Most people will usually prefer to add water into the said pan to make the melting process proceed faster but there are those people who will want to have the choco melt in its natural melting point.

The choco will have to be melted thoroughly. That is why it is recommended to put the pan where the choco is placed in on top of the pan with the simmering water. The bottom of the pan with choco should never touch with the water in the bottom pan. Do not forget to stir the choco as well. To successfully melt the choco, do this for eight minutes.

Adding the cream is the next part. If possible, one should mix this as gently as one could. The ganache should be able to mix well if the person continuously stirs the mixture until every ingredients are completely blended in. Once everything is blended well, remove it from the heat and let it rest until it cools down.

The next step is to add butter. To add a good amount of butter, the individual should remember to bring the water to a simmer again before placing the pan with the ganache in it into the heat. The butter should then be added and stirred so that it will completely melt into the mixture. After one is done with this, turn the heat off and then remove the pan.

The ganache should then be transferred to a large bowl. Use a spatula to remove the remaining mixture off the pan. The surface of the mixture should be lined up with a plastic wrap as well so that one can prevent films from developing. The bowl should then be deposited into the fridge.

After an hour, the person can proceed into making the truffle. Just get the bowl out of the fridge and put it on top of one's work surface. The cocoa should be prepared as well. Just put a certain amount of cocoa in a medium bowl.

Get a melon baller. Another alternative for this is a teaspoon or an ice cream scooper. Get small amounts of the ganache with this and roll it into a ball. Use the palm of the hands as quickly as possible for making chocolate truffles NYC.

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