How To Keep Your Wooden Pizza Peel Kickin' For The Next 100 Years

by Blaise Wynn

Do you love pizza enough to have a section in your will on which grandchild gets the household pizza peel? Well, you're not alone. Now, you just have to keep that wooden pizza peel appearing amazing for the upcoming 100 years. The excellent news is that it's not impossible. The next paragraphs contain the few important steps. The most relevant secret is to not let a lot of, if any, water get into the peel. Water will dry out your wooden peel and make it buckle and fracture.

Step 1 - Layer the wooden pizza peel with mineral oil. You do not need particular pizza peel oil. Save yourself some money and just visit your neighborhood hardware store and get some USP-grade mineral oil. Simply wipe the oil on the exterior of your peel and watch it absorb in. When the wood won't take any more oil, you can clean off the excess with a clean dried wash cloth. Don't get worried about putting on too much - more is better. You should do this routine monthly or as often as needed. Whatever you do don't use vegetable or olive oil. They will in fact turn sour. Not very good.

Step 2 - Wash your pizza peel when you finish each use. How can you thoroughly clean the peel and not get it wet? Great question. Most of us don't understand how to use anything except for soap and water, but as luck would have it some brilliant people figured out that you can (and should) use full-strength white vinegar. The acetic acid in the vinegar is a great disinfectant, successful against such harmful bugs as E. Coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus. If you don't believe me, check out this worthwhile scientific guide on the question by O. Peter Snyder, Jr., PhD:

Step 3 - Brush your wooden peel when not in use. By keeping it spotless, you can preserve the life of your peel. Crumbs, melted cheese, and sauce can collect on the peel and make the surface uneven.

Step 4 - Keep your wooden pizza peel dry. Water is the enemy so store your peel far from the front lines of battle.

Step 5 - Do not put your wooden pizza peel on heated surfaces. If a wooden peel is placed on a hot surface, it will warp. Once distorted, balancing a pizza on it can be quite a feat. If your wooden board is already warped, lay it out overnight with the warp (curved side) facing up. In a good number of cases this considerably fixes the issue. If the condition isn't resolved, it is time to replace the peel.

Now you have learned how to take care for your wooden pizza peel for the next 100 years. Tell your grand kids "your welcome" for me.

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