How To Hold The Best Paint And Wine Parties

by Marissa Velazquez

There are several ideas that you can use to make your festivity more enjoyable for you and the attendants. This is essential particularly if one is an event planner or a partygoer who is looking for more fun. For a change, you should consider hosting paint and wine parties. Most people will love this occasion because it will be different from the rest. Below are useful guidelines that you can use.

Decide on the theme. Everyone has his or her favorite color, and this is what should dominate the event. However, if you keep repeating the same thing every so often, you will soon become monotonous and boring. Therefore, learn to be creative. You can also ask what you friends would like to have.

Decide on the venue. This can be tricky because this is no ordinary party. There will be people of all characters and you may have dye splashed everywhere. Whichever place you choose, ensure that there is a nice background that can match the theme color. This will see people use less paint.

Some people prefer an open space because of the many advantages it offers. The beach, for example, can be quite interesting as it means less clothing. People will have more fun as there will be more area to decorate. The ocean can give it a good touch, especially for taking photos. You can also use an open street late in the evening.

Ensure that you provide adequate tools and brushes for every individual. Your guests will expect to come and do some painting. Therefore, you must ensure that they get busy as they sip their favorite wine. You do not want to have your attendees standing around and looking bored because they have no equipment to use.

Consider calling an artiste. Choose a professional who can artistically make decorations on the bodies of the patrons. This is less extreme and ideal for people who would prefer a mild, less wild approach. You can even choose to have the painting done just on the faces and arms. This will incorporate a lot of people.

If your party is in a room, you should cover up everything that you do not want people to touch or destroy. You should also cover up the floors and windows if possible to prevent them from being stained by splashing paint. This can be quite beneficial in the end because removing dye stains on any surface can be very difficult.

Ensure the drinks will be enough. Everyone comes to a party for a reason. Therefore, you have to ensure that you keep everyone entertained. For those who love painting, ensure that they do not run out of dye when it is still too early, or you may end up stranded with guests.

Some people, however, do not like planning. Maybe you are too busy and you do not have the time it requires. If that is the case, then you can hire event planners. Choose someone who specializes in paint and wine parties.

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