How To Handle Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce

by Claudia Campos

Handling bhut jolokia hot sauce or any other hot sauces should be done with proper caution to avoid any risks. You should always make sure you have the sensitive areas of your body well covered. These areas could include the eyes, nose and mouth without forgetting any open wounds.

As much as you must make sure you have protective clothing on, you also need to think of the users of the finished product. This means you need to wash your hands and ensure you remain clean. This is designed to make sure you do not contaminate the spices you are making in any way.

The eyes are the most sensitive parts of your body that can be seriously affected by hot pepper. If the dust from the fruits comes into contact with your eyes at any time, you can be sure it will be the most harrowing experience. You are therefore advised to keep your eyes protected from the pepper at all costs.

There are goggles that you can use to make sure you do not remain exposed to the dust rising out of the crushing process. Even the nose should be protected using a dust mask. Inhaling the pepper dust can be very damaging as it affects the nerves in your nose. There are cases where people have been seriously affected just by inhaling the dust.

In case you have an open wound. You must be very cautious with it. At no time should you let the pepper dust come into contact with an open wound. This means you either have to cover the wound completely using whatever protective material you can find. Otherwise, you could as well avoid areas where pepper is being handled.

Even your eyes are very sensitive to bhut jolokia hot sauce. You must therefore ensure you have masks to protect both your eyes and nose. Inhaling the hot pepper dust will result in a burning feeling that causes one to sneeze uncontrollably. All these precautions are necessary to ensure that you remain safe while handling hot pepper.

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