How To Choose The Right Barbicide Jar

by Randi Boyer

Barbicide is a disinfectant that is mostly used to disinfect tools used in a salon as well as other small equipment such as combs and scissors. It is important to disinfect such tools because they are usually used by many different people on a daily basis. This process is important to get rid of contaminants that might cause diseases and fungus. A barbicide jar can also be found in dental clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities.

This disinfectant was invented in 1947 in the United States. The person who invented it is Maurice King. It was however his brother James King who marketed it and circulated it around the country. Today the solution is found in many hospitals and salons all over the world. It is manufactured by a company called King Research. The United States Environmental protection Agency has recommended it for use in hospitals.

The disinfectant is strong enough to kill Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV-1 virus. It is a fungicide, germicide, pseudomonacide and a viricide. When it comes to contact with the skin and eyes it causes irritation. If ingested, the solution can cause a persons body to go into shock. It can also lead to death if the person is not treated fast enough.

The solution is commonly stored in jars. Large jars are more common because they can accommodate large tools. Jars of all sizes can be found today. Professionals in salons and barbershops like to use small jars to dip hair pins, bobby pins and clips. It is advisable to soak equipment and tools after they have been used to ensure that the next person who uses them is safe.

The height of jars which are medium in size is about 8 inches. They are mostly used by professionals to disinfect scissors and combs in barbershops and salons. The medium jar has a tray which is easy to pull to make it possible to remove tools after they have been disinfected.

The large types of containers are more common. They are capable of holding 37 ounces of the disinfectant. Like the medium sized jars big containers also have a tray that is usually pulled up to remove tools after they have soaked enough. Many people prefer the large jars because they are flexible and they can store a wide variety of sizes of tools.

This blue solution is a symbol of both cleanliness and sanitation. It has received praise for many decades. Its rare to enter a salon or a barbershop and not find it displayed on the shelf. Whenever a tool is dropped while it is being used on a customer it is common to dip it into the solution before continuing with it. According to the technicians who make it there is no other disinfectant in the market that can compete with it.

You should know the type of tools you want to disinfect before purchasing a barbicide jar. This will help you choose the right size of the container. Small jars are good for personal use. You can fill spray bottles with the solution to disinfect spots.

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