How To Choose The Best Steak House New York

by Madge Lindsay

Of all the world's major cities, it is perhaps New York that offers diners the biggest international experience in the world. All over the city, international cuisine is being served against the backdrop of authentic national surroundings. However, it is still the American restaurants that have the biggest crowds. With so much choice, deciding on the best steak house New York can be a difficult process.

The American steak house specializes in the preparation and serving of steaks of all descriptions. The usual meat of choice is beef, although many restaurants include pork, lamb and chick steaks. Whatever the personal taste, the likelihood is that a good restaurant will have at least a few dishes that will be suitable. Before making a choice, people should be aware there are many options when it comes to selecting a good steak.

While all cuts of meat should be tasty and satisfying, the qualities offered will depend very much on the cut. If cooked properly, each cut will have distinctive flavors and textures that may suit some people but not others. It is essential that a restaurant has trained and skilled chefs to ensure care and attention is give n to the cooking process.

In the United States, meat is graded into three different categories. Prime meat is among the very best 2% of all the meat available in the country. It is usually reserved for the very best hotels and restaurants and offers the very best flavor possible. Choice meat accounts for the majority of steak sold in the US. It is a good quality but slightly inferior to prime meat.

The cheapest and lowest quality cuts are usually classified as select cuts. They will typically have relatively high fat contents with gristle and poor marbling. Despite the low quality, good chefs can still make the best use of these cuts with some skilled techniques and clever use of the cooking process.

As well as the grade of meat, diners should also consider the cuts on offer. Perhaps the most popular cut of all comes from the rib of the animal and is called the rib-eye. Rib cuts are often tender with high fat content but meat being served on the bone is often not appealing to diners. Sometimes, rib meat can be served in a 'pulled' state, making it easier to eat.

Most food professionals believe the tenderloin is the most tender part of the animal. Restaurants dealing with fin dining tend to use cuts from this area a lot for dishes such as filet mignon and tournedos. However, this is a matter of taste. While many love the tender nature of this cut, others think some of the flavor is sacrificed for texture and prefer cuts with higher fat contents.

For people who are having trouble selecting the best steak house New York, it may be beneficial to refer to the many websites that offer restaurant reviews. These sites offer real customers the chance to have their say on criteria such as food quality, customer service and cleanliness. They also offer browsers discount deals and vouchers for significant savings. Percentage discounts are often possible, along with offers such as free wine, starters and desserts.

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