How To Buy Fresh Fishes At The Fish Market

by Alison Wilcox

The person should carry out the right knowledge for buying several sea foods at a Kailua Kona fish market. This is necessary if he wants to buy those ingredients that are undoubtedly fresh. If he can get those fresh ingredients, then he does not need to worry about his dish completely going sour or ruined.

If he is planning to shop, pay attention to the freshness of the whole fishes that he needs. The first thing that he will have to look at is the pair of eyes of these fishes. He has to make sure that the eyes are bright and clear. If he cannot find fresh ones, then the dull-eyed ones could be a substitute but they do not have the same quality.

He should check up on the shine of the said fishes. If possible, the ones he should pick should be those who have a metallic and clean luster. If possible, there should be no dull colors on the skin of the fishes. The same goes with any discolorations. If he can find at least a few spots, then one should be sure that they are just marginal.

He will have to check the small of these fishes. This is because the smell of these fishes will help determine if these fishes are still fresh or not anymore. For those fishes that are still fresh, then he should be able to smell clean water. If not that, then it should be smelling like touch briny or even cucumber-like.

He will also have to look at the gills of the whole fishes. It will make it easier for him to pick those fresh fishes especially when the gills are of the color rich red. For those old ones, the color of their gills will just turn into the color of faded brick.

Another thing that one will have to consider is whether there are live animals within that place. He should then observe how these live ingredients are acting while they are in the tank. They should be properly scampering and swimming around, happily at that. This applies not only to fishes but to lobsters and crabs as well.

The person should also try to determine whether the shellfishes are fresh or not. For the different shellfishes, there are those mussels, scallops, clams, and even oysters. To make sure that he gets the finest one, then he should make use of those which are fresh and live ones since they taste better.

He will also need to know more about the shrimps. If he is going to buy this, it is best to buy it frozen and even whole. If he can buy it whole, then he should be able to preserve the exquisite taste of the said ingredient. By buying it frozen, he can prevent it from quickly rotting too.

Squid and octopus should be taken care of properly too. There are lots of these being sold at a Kailua Kona fish market. Like the shrimps, make sure to buy them frozen. With this, the person must be able to keep the rich flavor of the ingredient when cooking. He does not have to worry about the freshness of the product if it is frozen as well.

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