How A Small Barbicide Jar Ignited A Huge Industry

by Rebekah Alford

In the year nineteen forty seven there were some world changing events that took place. The sound barrier was broken. Man could now travel at speeds great than seven hundred sixty eight miles per hour. The color barrier was broken. Now the best players could play baseball in the big leagues regardless of color. And in the hair care world a barrier to hygiene was obliterated through the invention of the Barbicide jar.

As a science teacher Maurice King inspired young students. As an entrepreneur he would inspire an industry to greatness. Along with his brother his pioneering technology would be presented to the world. This sparked industry growth that aligned with the growth of the economy. Regardless of place of origin, gender, or race people can unknowingly carry fungi, bacteria, and viruses in their skin, hair, and blood. This made the risk of transferring infectious diseases in barber shops and beauty salons very high.

On any given day there could be situations where the teeth of a comb or tip of a pair of scissors scratches or punctures the scalp. This could cause bleeding to occur. The tools can now be infectious to other customers, or the scratch or puncture is now an entryway for infections to enter the current customer. This risk was unavoidable due to the need of having to use tools repeatedly during the course of the day.

It would be business busting to purchase a new tool for each new customer. There was an ever increasing need to clean barber and beauty tools with a level of confidence similar to what was expected in the medical and dental fields. The process also had to be done quickly. These are the requirements that Barbicide jars fill.

The trademark of Barbicide is thought to be the translucent blue color. This is a color that is soothing to the eyes and gives a feeling of safety and cleanliness. But there is much more to it than the color. The Barbicide is a powerful disinfectant that is safe to humans. It contains a viricide, germicide, pseudomonacide as well as a fungicide. And although the aids virus was not an occurrence in the nineteen forties, the forward thinking preparation of this product makes it strong enough to destroy this as well.

The clear jar is made of durable glass with a stainless steel basket with an attached retriever handle, and top. These are extra assurances for cleanliness. The basket is pulled up with the handle. The tools are either removed or added to the basket, and then it is placed back down into the jar. This approach eliminates the need for stylists to place their fingers down into the solution.

Size choices are provided. Whether small, middle, or thirty seven ounce size, the rubber base will provide the same level of high stability. These products are also great for pedicure and manicure businesses. Special products are available for pet use as well. This covers the entire family.

Customers continue to go to barber shops and beauty salons with mitigated risks of getting infections through styling tools. This is in great part to the creation of the Barbicide jar.

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