His Majesty Rojaus Wine Decanter

by Muriel Noel

If you want to decant your wines in a truly spectacular way, you need something special. Rojaus wine decanter is elegant, luxurious and sophisticated piece designed to provide an ultimate tasting experience. Once upon the time decanting had a purpose of removing the sediment. Today, filtered wines usually have no sediment at all, except those aging in their bottles for ten or more years.

Wine decanting has another purpose. Red wines have to breathe for a while, to release those beautiful aromas. This process can be very useful for young wines. It will give them an opportunity to develop more interesting, richer aromas and flavors.

Usual decanters are strangely shaped receptacles, designed to make large area to be in contact with air. For airing purpose you just have to pour the liquid in and leave it there for approximately one hour. That should be enough time for aroma releasing.

Astonishing design, the unusual combination of marble, stainless steel and crystal, is something you will surely appreciate. The stand is made of stainless steel, and the base, with leaf accents, is made out of marble. Crystal, grape-like shaped central piece have a water filled glass bubble on the top.

Using it, you don't have to wait for an hour before being able to have a drink. Pouring the liquid over this glass bubble, the whole decanting process is much faster. Besides, if there is any sediment or anything else in your bottle, it will stay on this fine wire mesh. Watching this process is very nice experience as well.

rojaus wine decanter is perfect for chilling white wines as well. You just need to freeze the water in the glass bubble, and that's it. Your guests can help themselves, and you won't have to run around filling up their glasses. They just have to touch the stainless steel made lever and fill the glass. Beautiful, elegant and useful piece may be a perfect present for your dear ones as well.

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