Healthy Food & My Course in Life

by Rob Sutter

I'd like to say that I was a health nut all of my life for the sake of endearing myself to others. However, being the honest-to-a-fault person that I am, I've eaten my fair of unhealthy food as well. While I indulge less so in those particular products, I couldn't help but imagine just how much the more beneficial products have impacted my life. Healthy food has certain molded me and I'd like to think that, in a number of scenarios, it's been for the better.

I remember always enjoying fruit when I was a kid. From apples to pineapples, it seemed like these sweet foods always found their way to me and since they were so good for me, my parents were not shy about letting me indulge. While vegetables weren't really around the house so much and I was a bit of a picky eater in general, fruit just seemed to be the one aspect I turned to time after time and it certainly helped.

I believe that children can be impressionable and it's not like I was much different when watching TV. For example, like many other children, I was heavy into Sesame Street and while I regarded Cookie Monster as my favorite, my mother would constantly tell me how important it was to eat properly. Hulk Hogan also left an impression on me when I watched wrestling at a young age. He was easily the walking public service announcement looking back on it as he would tell people to eat their vitamins and become strong through their own efforts.

I can speak from an adult's standpoint that the ability to bring healthy food into one's diet isn't so difficult after a certain age is reached. It's easy to get a hold of produce and lean meat, to name a couple, which is implemented in recipes formed by companies like Quorn. As someone who is older now, I have to make certain that I watch what I put into my body more than ever. Without parental figures at your side, you don't have the support to tell you right from wrong in the ways of dieting.

I don't think I was ever able to gain a solid grasp on what was deemed healthy for me until I found myself in college. I didn't concern myself so much with what entered my body at first but then I started to realize that it did have an impact. To say the least, I had to get into gear rather quickly and take up more healthy eating habits. This is a lifestyle that I've happily taken on, whether I was starting to grow up or have firmly cemented myself into adulthood.

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