Great Reasons To Spice Up Your Life With Bhut Jolokia Sauce

by Jennie Sandoval

Curious and confirmed hot pepper lovers know bhut jolokia sauce as the condiment that deserves its reputation for being hot. While many have tasted these peppers, not many can stand their heat. So they are often included in great recipes designed to add not only heat, but spice to your favorite foods.

The peppers that make this popular item originate in India. Some call them ghost peppers. But most believe that they are named for their growing regions. There, growers harvest them for their unique flavor, though nobody really knows for certain how their name came to be. The most important quality they have is their ability to make flavorful, yet highly spicy foods.

Gourmet boutiques and online storefronts sell hundreds of sauces featuring the hot peppers. The standard Scoville ratings for heat place them at one million or more units. Your average hot sauce measures in at thousands less.

Ghost chili products have turned up in many forms. Steak sauce, dry chili powder, pastes and dip mix are a few of the popular ones. Top quality companies produce jams, jellies, candies and pickles with the challenge of heat within tantalizing bottles and jars. These are distinctive flavors blended by chefs who understand the peppers and ingredients that work best with them. Most online websites offer the chance to pick what you want. Many offer recipes online, with specific directions that recommend starting out with a few drops or pinches of powder. The truly strong can work their way up to increased amounts.

Tasty uses include mixing the powdered forms with tropical fruits or peaches to create a glaze for chicken wings or meat kabobs. Some add liquor to the mix for extra flavor. Others include butter or oil and other spices to develop mellow heat. Most of these preparations may be eaten hot, or chilled to eat cold. These are tastful ideas for casual barbecues or dinner parties. It can also be a lot of fun to gather several foods together for a tasting party.

Once fans get used to the high spice levels, they often progress to using many brands in recipes on a regular basis. There are those who know the ghostly peppers well that insist that it is easier to eat them when done more often. Still, sour cream, cheeses and yogurt often accompany the hot little packages to the table to help cut the intensity. It can be a friendly gesture to warn guests new to the heat levels that they may wish to keep dairy items and iced tea nearby. These will help to sooth any tender, inexperienced mouths.

You might enjoy making your own hot condiments from scratch. There are do it yourself videos readily available with easy instructions for creating the flavor combinations you like best. Consider growing your own peppers from seeds you buy from Internet websites. Some fans believe that the tastiest sauces may be those you make with peppers fresh from your garden. Do be careful when picking them, as some find that their skin is sensitive to the pepper skins and juice.

The power of seasoning with bhut jolokia sauce commands respectful eating. These are foods that feature flavors with a kick. Try some for the chance to brag that you have, and become a fan of the heat packed recipes yourself.

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