Gourmet Wedding Cakes For The Reception

by Laura Gallagher

A traditional cake is an integral part of any marriage reception. They vary so greatly in size, flavor, style, and decoration from one reception to the next that the options are nearly limitless. Wedding cakes Upper Marlboro can make an unforgettable cake that is both delicious and beautiful.

No matter the type of reception, a cake can be made large or small enough to feed any number of guests. A small one may feed a party of one or two dozen, or the guest list may require enough to feed several hundred. There are still lots of options in terms of decoration and style, and these can typically be used in tandem with any size cake.

Not everyone enjoys traditional white or chocolate flavors, though they have always been the most common. With mousse and butter cream fillings, it's possible to add almost any flavor that can be thought of. Fruit flavors such as raspberry, peach, lemon, mango, strawberry, or even flavors like mint, carrot, almond, or red velvet may be a favorite with a twist.

Tiered versions are often requested for a large number of guests. Stacked or sheet styles may also work well for large parties as well. The cake may be the centerpiece of the room, or the focal point in pictures of the bride and groom, and should be designed according to the desire of the couple.

The decoration is just as important as the flavor, and there are many to choose from. Whether traditional icing or fondant, any color can usually be added. Some people prefer simple white with touches of color, either in the icing or with flower petals, ribbons, or beads.

The big day should be perfect, down to the smallest details. wedding cakes Upper Marlboro will make sure to get the order right, make it beautiful and delicious, and get it there on time. Explore all the options available and start making plans now.

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