Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce For Those Who Can Handle Heat

by Casandra Newton

When you are planning a party or having a couple of guests over, the first thing you want to take care of is the menu. Game days are very exciting, and meals are usually not eaten at the table. Consider making some buffalo wings for everyone to enjoy. If your friends are daring enough to try ghost pepper wing sauce, look for helpful recipes that can get you started. It is best to learn about how to cook using this chili.

The chili known as the Naga bhut jolokia is colloquially known as the ghost chili pepper. This can be found around India, mostly on the northeastern side, bordering Bangladesh. Locals call it the cobra chili because it strikes at your senses quite aggressively. People do not only use it as a spice, it can be made as a weapon. This has been incorporated into smoke bombs and has been used to keep dangerous animals away.

The explosion of heat that this spice brings makes it perfect as a non lethal weapon. It brings discomfort because of the intense heat it brings to the table. Police officers can use this chili as a means of crowd control when incorporated in a smoke bomb. Women who carry pepper spray can also get ones made of the cobra chili.

If you consider yourself a big fan of buffalo wings, this type of sauce is something that you should try at least once in your life. However, it is best that you make sure a gallon of milk is handy. Do not ever try to take this condiment as it is. It is made for mixing in other food items to add some spice and cannot be consumed by itself. Look for recipes where you can use cobra chili.

A lot of sauces in the market brag of the heat they can bring to the table. However, the Naga bhut jolokia is one chili that cannot be compared with any other. It should be carefully mixed with other ingredients for the taste to be appreciated. This chili is definitely not for those who have a weak stomach or are sensitive to a bit of spice.

Make some hot wings by putting together a couple of tablespoons of butter, freshly ground pepper, some salt and a bit of vinegar. Instead of your plain old hot sauce, try using something made from Naga bhut jolokia. A couple of drops will do. Do not try to taste this, even a small drop will definitely hurt you. It is best to add it as a source of heat in other types of food.

You can make your own dressing to go with your wings. Give your friends a bit of a challenge by making extremely hot wings by using this condiment. Try adding one or two tablespoons and see who can really handle the heat. Be sure to have a gallon of milk ready.

Look for delicious recipes where you can use the ghost pepper wing sauce to give your food some heat. However, this is not something that you should use too much of. One or two drops is more than enough to give you food a kick.

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