Get Your Guide To Fish And Chips And Spoil Your Family

by Helge Vang Andersen

In most countries around the world, one will find that there is a traditional dish which will be popular with the people. However, there are also many world famous meals that are popular where ever you go. A guide to fish and chips will allow you to make this mouth watering treat for you and your family.

Cod is the preferred meat to use when making this delicious dish, but so is Whiting and Haddock. Irrespective of which species you use, this meal is still one of the world's most favorite and tasty dishes. The trick to making this a real treat is to ensure that the meat is fresh.

The fish caught for the use of this dish are usually a standard size. The meat is cleaned and then dipped into a batter, which is then fried until golden and crispy. This truly is a delicious meal that will leave you wanting more.

To complete this meal, you will need to make a serving of potato chips. The potatoes are peeled, cut into medium sized strips and then deep fried. The bigger the chip, the less oil it will absorb during the cooking process.

In some countries, this mouth watering combination is served with fresh mayonnaise, but the usual additives are salt and vinegar. Some people add a brown sauce to it or even serve it with a plate of mushy peas.

Everyone has their special way of eating this meal. Some agree that the best way to enjoy it is out of a newspaper in the outdoors. Wherever you decide to eat this delicious take out, you can be sure it will leave you wanting more.

Many people wonder how healthy this dish could be, and it should therefore receive its due praise. In recent surveys, this meal has been seen to be healthier than pizza or the ever so popular burger. Get your guide to fish and chips and surprise your family with a delectable treat that will have them coming back for more.

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