Get A Taste Of The Hottest Pepper On Earth With Bhut Jolokia Sauce

by Agnes Franco

Though it seems pretty crazy, there are plenty of pepper lovers who quest after the hottest peppers they can find. For these hearty ones, bhut jolokia sauce gives them the kick they need. This tasty stuff is certainly not for the faint of heart. For the brave crowd, and for the rest of us, this potent concoction is a hot purchase.

Measuring in at one million Scoville units, the peppers that rise to this level of heat are also called ghost peppers. Grown in northeastern India, they have found popular use in flavorings of all kinds. Eaten raw by those who are accustomed to the piercing heat, they are also used dried into flakes and powder. Most condiment recipes use the dried version, and in smaller amounts than common for those who have grown up harvesting them.

These are medium sized pods that appear harmless to the uninformed. Once dried and added to favorite meals, they add a new taste sensation for the brave. Chili cooks often enjoy adding a few drops to their recipes for some extra kick. Just reading the labels of the various blends is lots of fun.

Some fans insist that profuse sweating is a badge of honor when pushing your way through the first few bites. One taste, then two and three is a rite of passage for the ghost pepper crowd. It is common for an audience to break into cheers when someone has done it.

The best websites devoted to selling the ghostly products online offer several heat levels. You should think twice before jumping from beginning straight to advanced. Experienced tasters explain that it can take some time to master the heat. Most suggest taste testing with caution and dairy products nearby. The dairy can help to cut the heat.

The various flavors of bhut jolokia sauce are complex. Some manufacturers go to great lengths to mix additional heat sources into their blends. Buy what seems interesting. One taste is worth a thousand words, most likely.

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