Flavorful Saucy Barbecue Comes Out On Top

by Chloe Gib

There is a universal appeal for Texas BBQ. The mouth watering, succulent, bone sucking flavors light up the taste buds like no other. This creation from authentic Mexican food recipes, whether known as barbecue, barbeque, or barbie, always solicits the same positive response.

There are other versions of barbecue that have avid followings. Memphis, Chicago, and Carolina are some of those styles that are popular around the world. But if they are considered popular then Texas style wins the popularity contest.

The secret that allows it to stand out among others is complex. It is not just about the rough, rugged visions that come to mind when the name is heard. It goes beyond the visions of rugged cowboys on the dusty trail when the name is mentioned. A unique key in the secret is the fact that the primary focus is beef. Pork may be good for Carolina style. Chicken and pork may even be acceptable for other styles. But beef and Texas barbecue are a match made in heaven.

The spicy taste of Texas barbecue derived from authentic Mexican food recipes. The spices chili powder and dry mustard are the main spices used with garlic, black pepper, and salt being used in lesser amounts. The spices are applied as a dry rub, creating a coating of flavor that wicks into the meat during cooking.

There are several ways that barbecue can be cooked. Smoking the meat has been around for years but has recently grown in popularity. Smokers, particularly the gas types, can provide a way to slow cook the meat, allowing the spices to migrate deep into it. Using different wood chips like hickory, mesquite, and pecan adds another dimension of flavor. Open pit and grills can be used as well. Each can also create unique flavors.

The garnish that enhances barbecue is not parsley. The garnish is the function that is taking place when the barbecue is being eaten. Aside from the restaurant visits, it creates enjoyment at picnics and family gatherings. It can cool down the summer and warm up the winter with a cooking vacation. It is strong enough to be the focus of a television show. As a universal piece it can complete the puzzle of any scene of happiness.

Texas BBQ has stood the test of time. There are constant attempts to perfect it. But really there is no perfecting perfection. Regardless of location, it will continue to be enjoyed by all. As long as there is beef there will definitely be Texas barbecue.

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