Five Great Blogs About Paris

by Mamie Conrad

Stepping out into the city of lights can be exhilarating, overwhelming and daunting. Whether you're an expat fresh off the boat or a short term traveller, a little guidance can go a long way when it comes to settling in smoothly. Blogs have become a great source of insider information on how to experience the best of this unforgettable city. Here, then, is an overview of some top blogs about Paris.

The first on our list is The Paris Blog, a rich, detailed site that contains all you need to know about expat living in the city of lights. Indeed, this blog is renowned throughout the Parisian expat community, and is packed with articles on living and working abroad. Laurie Pike, the site's founder, has worked hard to make this the number one blog for newcomers.

It boasts insightful interviews from high profile expats, as well as in-depth articles about emotional and psychological implications of working and living away from home - especially in France. It contains an extensive archive of material dating all the way back to 2008. It contains reams of advice on how to make those first few Parisian days a success.

HiP also contains lots of well-written information on restaurants, live events, art, music, film and shopping. There are also wonderful tips on living in in the city, apartments and rentals. Follow the links to Haven in Paris, and discover hundreds of apartments up for rent. These are for both long and short term stays. There are also informative sections on relationships, living and loving in the world's most romantic city.

Paris by Mouth is an encyclopedic collection of articles, photo's and reviews from a highly informed group of culinary enthusiasts. This blog has up-to-date info on the best French food tours in and around the capital. You can even find out about wine tasting events. Each day, a new restaurant is highlighted. The latest developments in food trends are also explored, including a French Food for Beginners feature.

A Girl's Guide to Paris covers the latest fashion news for ladies living in the city. This blog contains reviews on boutiques, as well as some indispensable advice on in vogue clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. There's even a feature on internet shopping. There's also a Wine of the Month section, as well as a Restaurant of the Month feature and an Accessory of the Month heading - which all will help you make up-to-date decisions regarding your French lifestyle.

For more adventurous Parisians, Invisible Paris is a great guide to all that is underground and edgy in the city. Art enthusiasts will revel in the blogs up-to-date coverage on installations, performance events, exhibitions and gigs. There are also great audio tours that can be downloaded, which take you by the hand and show you some of the city's most secret walking tours. These are compatible with Windows Phone 7 and iPhone.

Thousands of Francophiles and travelers have raved about the valuable information these blogs dispense. They appear regularly on a range of other travel sites and blogs too. If you've just arrived in the city, and are looking for a vibey restaurant or perhaps an affordable place to stay, these great blogs about Paris will point you in the right direction.

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