Fire Up Your Taste Buds With Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce

by Sharlene Fleming

If you like your food ultra-hot, then you have to try Bhut Jolokia hot sauce. This fiery concoction is made from Bhut Jolokia chili peppers. Though they are no bigger than your thumb, they are the most potent peppers around; hot enough to be used in pepper spray and grenades. Sprinkle a little of this sauce on your favorite meal and get ready for a taste you won't soon forget.

Also known as Ghost peppers, Bhut Jolokia peppers hail from India. As the hottest peppers known to man, they have been rated one million Scovilles on the Scoville heat rating system. This tells you how much raw power they pack. The ratings measure the amount of heat from the capsaicin, which is the active substance in the chilies.

This chili pepper has had an interesting history. It's used in India to keep elephants away. The locals put it on fences to deter them. Some Indians eat it to combat heat, as the heat of the peppers is so intense that the sweat it induces cools people down. There are plans to use these peppers in grenades and they are finding their way into pepper sprays.

This sauce is about four hundred times hotter than anything you might find in the typical grocery store. It's not for the weak. In India they also call it Ghost. Most likely because the scalding heat can make a person feel as if death is near enough to touch. If you like bland flavorless food, this is not the sauce for you.

Those who are willing to brave the formidable heat will be well-rewarded. It can be used on anything, from breakfast sausages to dinner steak. Some people even enjoy it on popcorn. People enjoy the taste of the salty popcorn with the heat of the peppers. No more feeling sleepy in the morning, a sprinkle of this potion on your breakfast will wake you up immediately.

If you really want to send your taste buds reeling, use it on burgers. The flavor will knock you out of your chair. The combination of sauce and juicy meat is unbeatable. It's also good on fish and vegetables. Sprinkle some on cooked cauliflower, and you'll never find vegetables boring again.

When you're ready to buy a bottle, just go online and put in an order. You'll find many types to choose from. Some have a citrus base while others have a tomato base. Order a few bottles and play around with the flavors. Try them out with different dishes. When friends come over make sure they try some. The taste will make their head spin.

If you love spicy foods that make your head spin and your eyes water, you'll love Bhut Jolokia hot sauce. It also makes a unique gift for your friends who love to amp up the flavor of their meals. One taste and they'll be hooked. This delicious concoction makes your meals come alive.

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